Mappillai, new serial in Vijay Tv


Vijay television launched a new fiction Mappillai from November 14, 2016, Monday to Friday at 9 PM.

Usually in Tamil television fictions the leading lady of the house are meant to heal wounds and bind all the members of the family together. But this fiction will revolve around the male protagonist.

For the first time in the history of Tamil Television, Mappillai is based on a unique plot that will break the cliché concept of Son-in-Law.

The female lead character Chandra is a straight forward working woman, whose family is dependent on her salary. She has six girl siblings along with her. While, Senthil is an easy going, Fun loving guy from an affluent family.

Usually in Tamil fictions, the female lead is never shown holding a higher position in work place than their love interest.

In Mappillai, Senthil works under his new female boss Chandra, after which these opposite poles gets attracted to each other and love blossoms between them. Mappillai will break all these stereotypic views.

The story travels through the afterlife of marriage, so it’s not just a story about the love life till marriage. This fiction is a mixture of emotions with maximum fun quotient to it.

The story revolves around a son- in- law Senthil who tackles the issues of his In-law’s family. This new fiction breaks the stereotypic portrayal of male chauvinistic Son-in-laws.

The lead actors are Mirchi Senthil and Sreeja, they garnered a strong fan base from their previous fictions like Madurai and Saravanan Meenatchi.

After they tied the knot, the reel turned real life couple will be pairing up for the first time through this new fiction Mappillai. They will again enthrall the audience with their on- screen performance.

This drama will be a blend of Fun, drama and Love.