News 7 Tamil – Crime Diary – Investigation show

CRIME DIARY -2There are variety of News offered to the audience in most of the News Channels like National, Regional, Sports, World and Cinema.

However, there are a very few channels that offer “Crime News” separately as a bulletin. News 7 Tamil, that offers new perceptive to News have again come up with a special “Crime” bulletin in its offering.

The bulletin is titled Crime Diary and is telecast every day between Monday to Friday at 10 PM.

In this special bulletin, the events of crime across the state and the country are presented with accurate facts and reporting from the scene of crime.

Efforts are also being taken to record the voice of the people connected with the crime and the victims.

News 7 Tamil also interacts with the Investigation Officer (IO) and presents their efforts in resolving the crime and apprehending the culprits.