Zee Tamil’s Popular Show ‘Darling Darling’ on Saturdays

Darling Darling Zee Tamil Show

Zee Tamil, one of the leading Tamil TV Channels exciting viewers with quality entertainment content, has been airing `Darling Darling’, a remake of the famous Hindi sitcom Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai.

Like its Hindi original, the Tamil show has garnered good viewership within a short span of time following its recent launch.

Now the show is all set to double the joy of the viewers as a weekend entertainer. From April 1, watch `Darling Darling’ every Saturday from 10 pm to 11 pm.

Every episode of `Darling Darling’ blooms into a drama of interesting sequences loaded with fun.

It’s all about the eventful lives of two couples who live in neighbouring houses and the families quite a contrast to each other in terms of outlook and lifestyle. And this difference is enough to lead to amusing circumstances in everything they do.

Accomplished actor Vasanth Gobi is doing the role of Natraj, a successful undergarment businessman whose life partner Rukumani (played by Nandhini) is a simpleton and quite contrast to him with no major aspirations.

Their neighbour, Vicky (played by Ramji) is very different from them. He is a man lacking ambition and married to Anita (played by Chitra) who is absolutely ambitious.

The men of contrast natures trying to impress the female of the other family ends up in riotously hilarious situations.